How can we ditch the throwaway society?
Circular Economy

How can we ditch the throwaway society?

A panel discussion exploring how to put an end to UK throwaway living to make consumption patterns more sustainable.

As society grapples with environmental issues from climate change to plastic pollution, this event shone a light on consumption patterns and how they can be made more sustainable. We examined the historical context of how society became so reliant on disposable items and how government, businesses and, crucially, people can become part of a wider solution.

This event was also the launch of a new report Fixing the system from our Circular Economy Task Force on a more holistic approach to plastic. The report sets out how the UK can lead the way in addressing and reducing the impacts of all the materials we use, not just plastic.

If you’re interested in what was discussed at our how to ditch throwaway society event, the highlights will be available soon on our podcast channel.

10 March, 2020
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