Lean and clean: building manufacturing excellence in the UK

Lean and clean: building manufacturing excellence in the UK

Improving the performance of manufacturing is crucial to rebalancing the UK economy south to north. The best manufacturers are improving their energy efficiency by 50 per cent over ten years, whilst the rest only achieve 10-15 per cent. This gap will not be closed by businesses on their own. Faulty signals on current and future costs and a lack of strategic insight on resource issues mean opportunities are not being realised.

This report proposes a manufacturing upgrade programme to support businesses in raising their resource efficiency, to help close the north-south productivity divide and to keep good jobs in the UK. 

The British Chamber of Commerce, North West Business Leaders Team, TUC, Institute of Manufacturing and the Association for the Conservation of Energy have all signed a joint statement with Green Alliance urging the government to make this programme part of its industrial strategy. 

This is the fifth report of the Circular Economy Task Force, a business led group convened by Green Alliance. It is a forum for policy innovation that aims to lead policy discussions with ambitious business thinking.
Angela Francis, Caterina Brandmayr
Publication Date:
9 October, 2017
Resource Stewardship

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