Local climate emergency

Helping local authorities realise climate emergency declarations
Local climate emergency
The impact of recent climate activism has been profound, leading to over two hundred local authorities
who have now declared climate emergencies. However, we are yet to see this translate into policy that will deliver the changes required and there are prominent challenges at the local authority level that need to be addressed.
Green Alliance's local climate emergency project will work alongside two to three local authorities with the purpose that they gain clarity and confidence in policy priorities and know the correct pathways needed to implement their climate emergency declarations. The project will offer local authorities new approaches to engage their citizens on the opportunities and challenges of achieving net zero locally.
This project runs from October 2019 to March 2021. We will produce reports and organise a national event for local authorities in 2020, in the lead up to the UK hosting COP26.

The local climate emergency project is run in partnership with UK100.
Click here to download the Green Alliance and UK100 official partnership briefing

We engaged with six local authorities to produce our report The local climate challenge which makes the case for a new partnership between councils and the central government to tackle the climate crisis. 

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