Can natural markets benefit business and the environment?
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Can natural markets benefit business and the environment?

The UK’s natural environment is in decline increasing our exposure to problems like floods, drought, and pollution. This is creating costs for all of us through our taxes, utility bills and insurance premiums. 
For issues like flooding, investing in natural infrastructure solutions could be considerably cheaper than remediation and hard defences, while reducing risk and delivering significant environmental improvements. Yet, so far, they have been implemented at too small scale to make much difference. They have also failed to attract funding from private organisations which could benefit from them. 
This event discussed the following questions:

• Could ‘natural markets’ for ecosystem services benefit business and the environment?

• Where can natural infrastructure schemes deliver maximum economic and environmental benefits?

• What needs to change for businesses to fund natural infrastructure schemes at scale?

A new report by Green Alliance, in partnership with the National Trust, was launched at the event, setting out a market mechanism to incentivise a new approach to land management.

You can see the highlights from the event in our Wakelet, and read the report New markets for land and nature: how Natural Infrastructure Schemes could pay for a better environment.
28 September, 2016
In partnership with
  • National Trust






Can natural markets benefit business and the environment?