Climate change and public health

Climate change is here and now, impacting nearly all aspects of human health, despite progress to reduce fossil fuel use and greenhouse gas emissions.


The links between the climate crisis and its impact on public health have been overlooked for far too long. Health only featured on the COP agenda for the first time at COP28 (in 2023). The effects of climate change such as hotter weather and wetter winters can manifest as adverse health outcomes ie experiencing flooding increases the likelihood of depression and anxiety; heat stress on the body can be particularly dangerous for vulnerable communities, those who already face inequalities in society and those with existing health problems.

Health needs to be at the forefront of efforts to both mitigate climate change and adapt to it.

Our work encourages and supports the government to recognise the dangers of not and the opportunities in integrating its approach to both the climate crisis and public health, which can lead to better outcomes on both fronts.

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