Circular economy Scotland

Creating opportunities for circular models in Scotland
Circular economy Scotland
Rising resource risks and the growing recognition of the economic value being lost in waste have raised business interest in the circular economy.

Our 2015 report, Circular economy Scotland, shows how Scotland could help to make its economy more circular, by assessing potential opportunities in three exemplar sectors, and developing these into a wider suite of lessons for government as a whole.

It shows how new biorefineries could convert byproducts from the whisky industry into feed for the salmon farming industry, raising the value of these byproducts and reducing demand for wild-caught fish. It also identifies how the offshore oil and gas industry could go beyond recycling of offshore infrastructure, and enable both reuse and carbon capture and storage.

The analysis draws on Green Alliance’s experience of working with the businesses in the UK’s Circular Economy Task Force and a programme of engagement with the businesses and political actors in Scotland’s oil and gas, food and drink, and finance sectors, which we undertook with the Scottish Council for Development and Industry (SCDI).

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