The Eden Model demonstration project

A new way to invest in sustainable land management
The Eden Model demonstration project
The Eden Model demonstration project in the Eden Valley, Cumbria is expanding on payments for ecosystem services to showcase a replicable system that enables multiple buyers to work together to purchase a variety of environmental benefits from sustainable land management interventions.
This model builds on previous work by the core partners in the project, including, the Natural Infrastructure Scheme (NIS) concept, created by National Trust and Green Alliance, and the Landscape Enterprise Networks (LENs) approach developed by 3Keel.
With support from the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra), we have also explored how private payments and public funding together can be used effectively under the government’s new Environmental Land Management system, which is supporting landowners to manage land in line with environmental priorities.

Our reports:
A new way to invest in sustainable land management: The Eden Model demonstration project (November 2020)
The Eden Model: Building local markets for sustainable land management. A toolkit for practitioners (March 2021)
The Eden Model: Combining public and private funding for sustainable land management (March 2020)
The Eden Model: Lessons from two private sustainable land management schemes (September 2020)
The Eden Model: Proposals for an ‘interface’ between private payments schemes and Environmental Land Management (February 2021)

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